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We are currently filling positions for LIFEGUARDS and GATE MONITORS in Austin and the surrounding areas. We offer a fun work environment with competitive pay and a flexible schedule. Contact us to see if we have a location near you!

Apply Today! No experience necessary!
Gate Monitors

Our Gate Monitor positions includes all aspects of pool management, safety and cleanliness. Also, Gate Monitors are responsible for securing and controlling the entrance to the facility.

Duties include:

  • Facility opening and closing duties
  • Monitoring access to the facility
  • Hourly chemical checks and headcounts
  • Minor restroom cleaning, restocking & trash removal
  • Reporting of any safety or facility issues
No swimming skills necessary! Apply today!

Each member of our Lifeguard Team is nationally certified in Lifeguarding, CPR, AED and First Aid and are trained to the highest standards of the American Red Cross.

Duties Include:

  • All Gate Monitor Duties PLUS
  • Provide constant patron surveillance
  • Enforce all facility and safety rules
  • Provide care and respond to all emergency situations

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How do I join the SafeGuard Team?
  • First, you will need to fill out our online application. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  • If you are applying for a Lifeguard position, and you are not currently certified as a lifeguard, please email Steve Hurt at for information on upcoming classes. We offer two types of certifications, Standard Certification which is valid for 2 years, nationwide, and Site-Specific, which is valid for 1 year at any location that we manage. We waive the Full Course Fee for our Site-Specific certifications for prospective employees so you can get to the pool and start working!
  • After you successfully complete the Lifeguard Certification Course, the last step in the hiring process will be to attend a New Hire Orientation. Information on next steps will be given to applicants upon completion of the Lifeguard Certification Course.

If you have any questions about employment (or re-employment), please contact our Aquatics Supervisor at

If you have any difficulties filling out the application, please send an email to for assistance.

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