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Are you hosting a party or event at your private pool? To ensure your guests have a fun and safe time, it is a great idea to hire lifeguards for your party. We can provide experienced, professional, fully insured, and American Red Cross certified lifeguards to supervise your event.
Events We staff
  • Special Events
  • Movie/Video Production Shoots
  • Athletic Events
  • Residential Backyard Pool Parties
  • Aquatics Safety Consultation
  • and more!

Lifeguards will be at your home and providing constant surveillance of your pool.  Our guards arrive fully equipped with all of the rescue and first aid supplies they will need.  Each member of our experienced lifeguard team is certified in Lifeguarding, CPR, AED, and First Aid.

A lot of people ask us what the difference is between hiring a freelance lifeguard or going with a company such as SafeGuard Aquatics.
Here are the 4 major benefits of using Safeguard Aquatics over freelance lifeguards.
SafeGuard Aquatics carries comprehensive liability insurance that a free-lance lifeguard would not carry.  All of our guards are covered under this as well as required Texas Worker’s Compensation Insurance that would protect you, in the event that a guard would be injured while on your property.
When using SafeGuard Aquatics, you can be assured that all of our guards carry current, and nationally recognized, certifications in Lifeguarding, First Aid, CPR, and AED.  When using a free-lance guard, you cannot be certain of their credentials.  All of our staff goes through a rigorous training program above and beyond all national standards.
All of our guards arrive at your home fully equipped for duty.  They will bring all of the necessary supplies including rescue equipment, first aid supplies, and a trauma response kit.  Does a free-lance guard have the necessary equipment to respond in an emergency?
Will a free-lance guard show up on time?  When using SafeGuard Aquatics, you won’t have to worry about our guards not showing up.  Our staff will arrive on time and ready to guard your pool.
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Make sure you are covering your back, by having us SafeGuard your event.  We have the best lifeguard staff in the industry!

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    Cancellations received more than 24 hours before the start time of the reservation will be refunded 100% of the Deposit. Cancellations received less than 24 hours before the start time of the reservation will not be refunded any portion of the Deposit.
    At the start of the reservation, the Deposit will be applied to the total amount owed for the reservation. Upon arrival of the staff, the remaining balance must be paid directly to a SafeGuard Aquatics staff member before services will begin.

    Any additional charges incurred during the reservation time (i.e. extra time added on to event reservation) must be paid to a SafeGuard Aquatics staff member at the conclusion of the reservation. Make all checks payable to “SafeGuard Aquatics”.

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